A Digital Twin for Next Generation Farming

The Vertical Farming industry has sprouted and in recent years has been demonstrating a significant growth in many regions around the world. The demand for safe and fresh food as well as the need of city dwellers to reconnect with food systems in their local communities are just two of the compelling reasons fueling the global expansion of the Vertical Farming industry.

Because inherent in the idea of the Vertical Farm is its appropriation of a wide range of novel technologies and materials from various disciplinary sources for integration into a working and efficient cultivation system in the service of crop production, a prominent part of the appeal of the Vertical Farm to local consumers is its perceived and actual potential for fostering sustainability — environmental, economic and social — both for the industry itself as well as for the communities in which they are based.

In support of the global Vertical Farming industry and as a way to inspire and incite the industry to proactively work toward achieving its sustainability goals and potential, the Vertical Farming Digital Twin is launched.

NEGEFA Digital Twin

The Vertical Farming Digital Twin aim is to provide methods of quality and growth control for a fullscale 360 plant monitoring and quality control due the growing cycle. And with that to support farms in improving their growing processes and work flows. Also as to provide foundational data for governmental and research facilities to improve and develop the methods for vertical food production with better yield, quality and effectiveness.


In close collaboration

Developed in close collaboration with Vertical Farms, Universities and Laboratories

Providing a Bridge

To connect and meet the research, health officials, farmers and societal needs

To push the limits, growth and development

For one of the most innovative and vital areas of the world

A solid foundation

A strong base to address the challenges of over population, climate change and two worlds resource usage

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