Saltwater Farming

The climate crisis, overfishing and pollution of the oceans is one of the biggest problems. More and more marine animals from ever-shrinking stocks are being fished out. Antibiotics are used in the world's oversized fish farms, and microplastics in practically every marine fish enter the human organism, where they can trigger inflammation in intestinal and liver tissue and promote cancer. Saltwater plants also suffer from all this. With saltwater farming, antibiotics are completely dispensed with in aquacultures in urban environments at the consumers' (partly in underground tunnels to save land), the shortest transport routes and no microplastics whatsoever that harm humans. The purest quality of, for example, algae, saltwater asparagus and also the sea fish themselves are grown locally and delivered directly to the consumer.

The Italian Farm That's 8 Meters Below The Sea, Insider Tech
The Italian Farm That's 8 Meters Below The Sea

A pioneer project in Italy

This is Nemo's Garden, it's an underwater farm created by the Ocean Reef Group. The project was started as an experiment as the owner's crops were suffering in cold weather. Nemo's Garden utilizes the near constant temperature of the sea to make growing plants easier.