The NEGEFA Data Seal

In support of the global Vertical Farming industry and as a way to inspire and incite the industry to proactively work toward achieving its sustainability goals and potential, based on the NEGEFA Digital Twin the NEGEFA Data Seal is launched. The Data Seal enables the companies and institutions that constitute the Vertical Farming industry around the world, in cooperation with our NEGEFA Network to step forward and voluntarily self-report their Vertical Farming sustainability achievements. By doing so, each company or institution proactively participates in helping the Vertical Farming industry collectively reach its significant sustainability potential and goals.

To show sustainability achievements

To do so the idea of the Quality Label is to track and record the effort made by a Vertical Farm due its production process. This effort as well as the end result achived and tested by a laboratory provide a picture of the sustainability and quality in the production. With that it becomes possible to not only show the investment by the Vertical Farm, it also offers a direct feedback to the farm which then can challenge and improve their production methdos. 

It also allows the customer to make their purchase decisions not only on price and look, but also on the intrinsic production values which are normally hidden.

Present sustainability achievements

To enable Vertical Farming companies and institutions to voluntarily self-report their own Vertical Farming sustainability achievements.

Support sustainabilty-based productivities and developments

To record, monitor, analyze and publish development trends in sustainabilty-based productivities among various types of Vertical Farms that make up the global Vertical Farming industry.

Push recognition of sustainability efforts

To provide each participating Vertical Farming company or institution due recognition for its annual effort in helping the Vertical Farming industry collectively reach its significant sustainability potential and goals.

Provide annual guides and recommendations

To provide annual guides and recommendations for the various types of Vertical Farms in the industry to help further advance their sustainabilty-based productivities.

Fulfilling its corporate social responsibility

To provide each participating Vertical Farming company or institution the recognition for its effort in furthering or fulfilling its corporate social responsibility in advancing environmental, economic and social sustainability.

Benfit from direct feedback to improve production

Using standerdized methods to gather, analyze and information presentation Vertical Farms can directly benefit due the constant feedback to update and improve their production processes. 

To benefit of the Next Generation Food Production

Build upon the Digital Twin framework the Quality Label aim to provide all participants with the benefits of a Next Generation Food production. This helps to not only improve the pruchase decision making by the customer and a direct feedback channel for the producer. It also provides a solid scintifical base for research and development for Universities and Research Agencies to push the development of this critical solution even further. Plus it offers a strong basement for Health Officials and Governmental Bodies to determine the best course of action in order to support and to make sure a high quality food production is achived.

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